In case advice on a specific topic is required, we are there to answer your questions. With many years of experience in electronics and IC development, we can provide you with profound information. If desired we will tap into the know-how of experts in our network to come to the optimal solution, which is where the name Chain-IC comes from.

System analysis

Every electronic system should benefit from integration. You might wonder what circuit integration can do for your application. We will analyze your system in detail to investigate performance improvements and options to integrate new features. The study will be carried out in close cooperation with you, since you are the expert with respect to the application.

Work to be done

In the end it is all about results that can only be achieved by doing. If you need design services or want to outsource a specific functional block, let us know. We have an experienced team that can help you to off-load. A probably underestimated advantage of cooperation is the mutual learning and acquisition of new insights which will be beneficial for all parties in the chain.

Quality process

Chain-IC executes ASIC development projects according to its quality system. A project is divided into phases and enters the next phase by passing a Toll-Gate (TG). A phase can be quite long. Therefore, milestones can be defined to split the phase into smaller parts. For each part, work packages can be defined with a more detailed description of the activities.

At every toll-gate, and before passing, the project status will be reviewed using checklists and verified whether the intended goals are met. In nearly all projects, the toll-gate reviews are done in cooperation with the customer. Chain-IC utilizes a compliance matrix to cross-reference the proposed specifications throughout the project.

If you need advice or hands-on experience, contact us