Chain-IC delivers services ranging from a study phase up to production and delivery of fully tested chips. In order to achieve this we have a broad network of partners and suppliers. Find out more about the Design Services that Chain-IC delivers. In addition to design services Chain-IC also has a Validation Lab with a wide range of equipment to fully characterize a design.

Quality process

Chain-IC executes ASIC development projects according to its quality system. A project is divided into phases and enters the next phase by passing a Toll-Gate (TG). A phase can be quite long. Therefore, milestones can be defined to split the phase into smaller parts. For each part, work packages can be defined with a more detailed description of the activities.

At every toll-gate, and before passing, the project status will be reviewed using checklists and verified whether the intended goals are met. In nearly all projects, the toll-gate reviews are done in cooperation with the customer. Chain-IC utilizes a compliance matrix to cross-reference the proposed specifications throughout the project.

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