Energy harvesting

The amount of wireless devices has increased rapidly over the past few decades. At the same time these devices become smaller and smaller, posing stringent requirements on the hardware that is involved. A key challenge is to provide each device with sufficient energy. Often a battery is too expensive in terms of area and costs, or replacement is not possible. Therefore there is a growing interest in harvesting energy from external sources such as solar, thermal or RF power. In all cases, the energy first needs to be converted to the electrical domain. Once this is done, the energy is still not usable for the electronic system. Operations such as rectification and voltage boosting are required. At Chain-IC we have the expertise and know-how to design and integrate  these functions on chip. Due to the uniqueness of every application and the often stringent product specifications, each system asks for a dedicated solution. Together with our customer we can investigate the possibilities and come up with the most suitable implementation for a specific application. 

RF energy harvesting